The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique - TAB Alternatives

The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique - TAB Alternatives

The Bible of Classical Guitar TechniqueThe Bible of Classical Guitar Technique by Hubert Kappel is a great book filled with tons of excellent exercises but the lack of TAB gives many people pause. Although some people will find the music easy to read since it is highly patterned some will still appreciate having the tab to make it easier. Keep in mind though that it also includes tons of advice on technique, practicing, and playing in general so it still might be of help.

What are your options? Well, first off, if you need TAB check out the list of technique books that include tablature below. Other options include learning to read music with our method books (the first one is a free PDF). This is a long term solution but well worth the effort. You could also use our technique book that includes YouTube video lessons to help you read the music. You can pretty much just watch the videos and use the notation for a guide to fingering and learn as you go. As I said, you can also just grab a book that includes tab (see list below).

Classical Guitar Technique Books with TAB + Videos

  •  20 Favorite Exercises, TAB, Video lessons, great for crossovers. This book is a great refresher course and includes TAB so you can get to it right away. 
  • Ten Classical Etudes, Videos lessons - The etudes have been arranged in a progressive order from easy to difficult. The first and last etude emphasize the importance of using etudes to develop a musical technique. Tested with students and found to be very beneficial for learning musical and technical concepts.

Classical Guitar Technique Books from Other Publishers (via Amazon)

I hope this post helped you find what you need. If you have any other questions please visit our contact page or leave a comment below. 

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