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25 Etudes, Op.60 by Carcassi (PDF)

25 Etudes, Op.60 by Carcassi (PDF)

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25 Melodic and Progressive Etudes, Op.60 by Matteo Carcassi (1796-1853) for Classical Guitar. PDF sheet music for Classical Guitar. Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition in the same pdf. Intermediate to Early-Advanced (Grade 5-9). This is a PDF download. 142 Pages.

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Please note: Video performances and lessons are to be released gradually. Subscribe to the newsletter and join me on the journey. 

The twenty-five etudes in Op.60 by Matteo Carcassi (1796-1853) are one of the most important pedagogical collections for classical guitar. The etudes are both enjoyable for their musical content and pedagogically beneficial for their very clear technical objectives. Compared to other etude collections, both period and modern, Op.60 excels in its tightly focused compositional adherence to didactic goals. For this reason the etudes are excellent studies for students to test their skills in a controlled musical setting and a rite of passage from the intermediate to upper playing level.

Video Performances, Lessons, Levels

Video performances and lessons are to be released gradually. Follow along and join me on the journey. Grades are completely subjective and depend on the chosen tempo and level of musical refinement. Therefore, the grade ranges below reflect only the technique required to play the work at a slow to moderate tempo regardless of the actual tempo of the etude. Links go to videos on the blog.

  • Etude No.1 - Allegro (Grade 5-7)
  • Etude No.2 - Moderato con espressivo (Grade 5)
  • Etude No.3 - Andantino (Grade 5)
  • Etude No.4 - Allegretto (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.5 - Moderato (Grade 6)
  • Etude No.6 - Moderato (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.7 - Allegro (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.8 - Moderato (Grade 6)
  • Etude No.9 - Allegretto grazioso (Grade 6)
  • Etude No.10 - Allegretto (Grade 6)
  • Etude No.11 - Agitato (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.12 - Andante mosso (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.13 - Andantino grazioso (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.14 - Allegro moderato (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.15 - Allegro (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.16 - Andante (Grade 6)
  • Etude No.17 - Moderato (Grade 6-7)
  • Etude No.18 - Allegretto (Grade 5-6)
  • Etude No.19 - Allegro moderato (Grade 6-7)
  • Etude No.20 - Allegro brillante (Grade 7-8)
  • Etude No.21 - Andantino (Grade 7)
  • Etude No.22 - Allegretto (Grade 8)
  • Etude No.23 - Allegro (Grade 7-8)
  • Etude No.24 - Andantino con espressione (Grade 8-9)
  • Etude No.25 - Allegro brillante (Grade 9-10)
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Customer Reviews

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George Holbert
Best Edition of these excellent studies

I have several other editions of these studies plus individual studies from various sources. After working with Bradford's arrangements of Studies No. 1 & 7, I looked forward to the release of this edition. In my opinion, this is the best edition thus far available. When you can also enjoy the free lessons on YouTube as well (First 4 are posted as of this review), that is a major benefit worth having. Bradford's attention to detail has already helped me to make some needed improvements each time I play through the edition. I am looking forward to the lessons yet to be posted as well. Thank you, Bradford! Well Done!

Thanks so much for the review George! Glad you are enjoying it. This one took a long time to make and the videos are going to take a ton of time too. I'm glad you are finding it useful!