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Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 2 (PDF)

Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 2 (PDF)

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Classical Guitar Repertoire Lessons Grade 2 - Lessons and pieces in notation only with fingering. A TAB supplement at the end includes the pieces (not the lessons). Before each performance edition there is one or two pages of lesson material to teach you concepts and prepare you to play the piece. Watch the free video lessons for even more insight. This item is a PDF Download. 42 Pages. 2019 Edition. By Bradford Werner.

Hardcopy (Grade 1-2) available via:,,, and more local Amazon stores.

This book teaches classical guitar repertoire at approximately the grade two level. This level is appropriate for students who have completed my Volume 1 and Volume 2 Method Books and the Grade One Repertoire Lesson book. Whereas Grade 1 focused mainly on chords and melody, this book dives deeper into technique, fingering choices, and introduces a number of new musical ideas. The image samples on your left show examples. That said, students should continue to play the melody and chord shapes using the knowledge they gained in grade 1. 

Contents - Each piece has two or three pages of lessons followed by a proper performance edition of the piece. 

  • The Passemeze Pavin - Anonymous Renaissance Lute
  • Andantino in A Minor, Op.59 by Matteo Carcassi - Classical, A minor to A major
  • Allegretto in E Minor, Op.59 by Matteo Carcassi - Classical, E minor to E major
  • Espanoleta (Theme) by Gaspar Sanz - Baroque, Introduction to Ornaments (Trills)
  • Lantururu by Gaspar Sanz - Baroque, Upper Positions
  • Romanza by Johann Kaspar Mertz - Romantic, Melody and Lush Accompaniment
  • Moderato by Johann Kaspar Mertz - Romantic, Multiple Techniques, Excitement

FYI, Espanoleta is also in my Easy Classical Guitar Vol.1 with slight differences. Cover image is just for promotion, the PDF is a text cover. 

Video Lessons for this Book (YouTube)

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