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El Sueño - Reverie Tremolo by Vinas (PDF)

El Sueño - Reverie Tremolo by Vinas (PDF)

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El Sueño (Reverie para Guitarra) for Guitar by José Viñas (1823-1888). First Tremolo Arrangement by Domingo Prat (1886-1944). PDF sheet music for classical guitar. Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition. The level is Late-Intermediate (Approximately Grade 7). 

Enjoy this beautiful tremolo piece by Viñas which is a great piece to add to your repertoire before tackling the larger tremolo works of Tarraga or Barrios. It is fairly easy overall in terms of the left hand but I've placed it at Grade 7 simply because of the tremolo. The First tremolo arrangement by Domingo Prat (1886-1944). The original composition by Viñas does not have a three note tremolo, it only has two notes. However, the Prat arrangement has become the standard version of the piece. I am following the Prat arrangement with the exception of some fingering in the introduction and the first ending at Bar 16. YouTube Video Lesson Link

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