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Etude No.1 by Giulio Regondi (PDF)

Etude No.1 by Giulio Regondi (PDF)

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Etude No.1 by Giulio Regondi (1822–1872). PDF sheet music for classical guitar with video performance and lesson. Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition. This comes from his collection of ten etudes for guitar. The level is late-intermediate to advanced (Grade 9) depending on your tempo. PDF Download.

Please note: This is a performance edition. Since I only had access to one manuscript (Boije 775) out of four there is some flexibility on small details of the score. That said, it is a well established work so the notes are all fixed but I did change some slurs to what I feel is more consistent and added my own editorial fingerings. I have also changed some of the notation to modernize the edition and simplify some of the three voice writing in a few spots to create a clean score.

Giulio Regondi (1822-1872) was a Swiss-born classical guitarist, concertinist and composer active in France and the United Kingdom. A known child prodigy, in 1831 Fernando Sor dedicated his Souvenir d'amitié op. 46 to Regondi when the boy Regondi was nine years old.

Here's the YouTube Link if you want to watch it there.

Video Performance and Lesson

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