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Exploring the Fretboard: 100 Exercises for Intermediate Guitar (PDF)

Exploring the Fretboard: 100 Exercises for Intermediate Guitar (PDF)

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Exploring the Fretboard: 100 Exercises for Intermediate Guitar. PDF sheet music with notation, left hand fingering, and complete video lessons. This book offers students a set amount of ordered material and a variety of ways to investigate the fretboard. It has been designed as an exploratory primer before further and more comprehensive study.

How to use this book - Practice the exercises only one at a time, in order, for only 2-5 minutes a day. It is essential that students say the note names out loud to help solidify the notes and fretboard knowledge.

This book is not for everyone - These are notation exercises to be practiced in small amounts. It includes single-string exercises, scales, comparative melodic fragments, and interval and triad exercises. I find these exercises fascinating to work out but some students who are looking for quicker knowledge intake and diagrams might find them tedious and difficult. Not designed for binge practice, practice one exercise at a time for 2-3 minutes a day.

Prerequisite - Although students can start this book at any level, I recommend completing my Volume 1 and 2 method books and my Repertoire Lessons Grade 1-3 books as a prerequisite.

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