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March Funebre by Pratten (PDF)

March Funebre by Pratten (PDF)

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March Funebre by Catharina Josepha Pratten (1824-1895), also know as Madame Sidney Pratten  - TAB EDITION Sheet Music for Classical Guitar with Notation & TAB plus fingering. PDF Download. The level is Mid-Intermediate (Approximately Grade 6) due to some tricky chords and fingering.

Free Notation Only Edition

March Funebre by Catharina Josepha Pratten (1824-1895), also know as Madame Sidney Pratten. This piece for classical guitar comes from Madame R. Sidney Pratten's Guitar School (1859). Born Catharina Josepha Pelzer in Mülheim. She was a German guitarist, composer and teacher. Her father, Ferdinand Pelzer, was German guitarist and music teacher. Later married to the flautist Robert Sidney Pratten, hence the name used in the method book and elsewhere. The piece is marked Largo and is a funeral march. That said, it's quite good a bit faster so I took a middle ground tempo. Youtube Video Lesson Link (4k)


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