Ricercare XVI by Francesco da Milano (Free PDF)
Ricercare XVI by Francesco da Milano (Tab Sample)

Ricercare XVI by Francesco da Milano (PDF)

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Ricercare XVI for Guitar - TAB Edition
by Francesco Canova da Milano (1497–1543)
Sheet Music & TAB Arranged for Classical Guitar
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Level: Intermediate (Grade 7)

Note: This score uses F# tuning on the 3rd string.

Free Notation Only Edition

Francesco Canova da Milano (1497–1543), also known as Il divino, was an Italian lutenist and composer. He was praised throughout Europe as the foremost lute composer of his time, the Michelangelo of the lute. More of his music is preserved than of any other lutenist of the period. A ricercare is an imitative work and, in some ways, a precursor to the Baroque fugue. You can also find the tab as a hardcopy in my Classical Guitar Tab book on Amazon. 

YouTube Performance & Lesson Link (4k).

Why do guitarists use capos and 3rd string F# tuning?

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