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Spanish Romance for Guitar (PDF)

Spanish Romance for Guitar (PDF)

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Spanish Romance (Romanza) - Free PDF Sheet Music for Classical Guitar. Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition. The level is intermediate (grade 5), it has a few big chords and upper position stretches. This is PDF Download.

Spanish Romance (Romanza) – This is an iconic work and may the most popular and well recognized works for classical guitar by the general public. The composer is anonymous. Also known as “Romance Anónimo” (Anonymous Romance), “Estudio en Mi de Rubira” (Study in E by Rubira), “Romance de España”, “Romanza” and “Romance d’Amour” and more titles. Includes fingering. You can also find the tab as a hardcopy in my Classical Guitar Tab book on Amazon.

You can also find a dedicated lesson for this work in my Grade 5 Repertoire Lessons book.

Score Comments: The use of the E in measure 19 and 20 is used as a pedal point but feel free to play an F sharp with a barre at the 2nd fret if you prefer. 

Video Performances & Lessons

Below is the video performance and lesson for Spanish Romance (Single Selection) via YouTube

Below is the video from my Grade 5 lesson book via YouTube.


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