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Vals, No.2, Op.40 by Vinas (PDF)

Vals, No.2, Op.40 by Vinas (PDF)

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Vals, No.2 from Capullos de Abril, Op.40 for Guitar by José Viñas (1823-1888). PDF sheet music for classical guitar. Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition. The level is Early-Intermediate (Approximately Grade 4). This is a PDF download. 

I love finding early intermediate works that have some length and contrasting sections but aren't too difficult. This work fits perfectly as an excellent performance piece for students around the grade 3 to 4 level. The original has a time signature of 3/8 with shared accompaniment and bass voices but the clean look of 3/4 and the clear separation of voices is preferable. The fingering and slurs are editorial as I think these work much better than the original for legato phrasing and modern guitar technique. YouTube Video Lesson Link

Video Performance and Lesson

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