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Villanos by Santiago de Murcia (PDF)

Villanos by Santiago de Murcia (PDF)

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Villanos by Santiago de Murcia (1682-1739) - Originally for Baroque guitar. PDF sheet music for classical guitar. Comes with both a notation edition with left hand fingering and a separate tab edition. PDF Download. The level is Intermediate (Grade 6).

    Santiago de Murcia (1673–1739) was a Spanish guitarist and composer. This work comes from Codice Saldivar no. 4. For the chord strumming I use i finger downstrums and thumb upstrums but if you want a softer approach use the flesh of the thumb for both up and down. An unfingered edition is available upon request. Video Lesson Link.

    Video Performance and Lesson

    The strumming of the original uses stem direction to indicate strums.

    Strumming for Villanos by Murica

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