Sheet Music with Videos for Classical Guitar

PDF sheet music for classical guitar with videos. Almost all the editions have video performances or lessons. Many editions have both a notation edition with fingering and a separate tab edition. Grade 1 is considered a post-method book level. I recommend completing my Volume 1 and 2 method books first.

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  • All my PDFs are fully printable but you can also find all my physical books here.
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Educational Series (Methods & Technique)

      Solo Classical Guitar Sheet Music

        • Vincenzo Capirola (c. 1474-1548) - Renaissance, Italy
        • Capirola Lutebook Volume 1: La Vilanela, Balletto, Canto Bello, Gentil Prince. Intermediate to Advanced.
        • Fabritio Caroso (c.1526-1605) - Renaissance
        • Bella Gioiosa, Grade 3
        • Luis de Milán (c.1500-1561) - Renaissance Spain
        • Six Pavans by Milan, Grade 6-9, Sheet Music, Tab


        Gigs, Weddings, Special Occasions

        Guitar Duets

        Guitar Quartets

        Guitar & Piano Duets

        • Barcarole op. 41 for guitar and piano by J.K. Mertz- Coming Soon
        • Wasserfahrt am Traunsee. Tonstück, for guitar and piano by J.K. Mertz - Coming Soon

        Editions from Other Publishers & 20th/21st Century Repertoire

        Visit Sheet Music from Other Publishers on This is Classical Guitar. Includes music from all eras, 20th and 21st century repertoire, anthologies, collections, favourite works, repertoire spotlights and more. 

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